Who can get married here at St. Pius X

Members and non-members of St. Pius X parish may be married here if both are free to marry and at least one party is a practicing Catholic.

Since sacraments are normally celebrated in a catholic person’s home parish, we require that non-members obtain a letter of permission from the pastor of the parish where you are registered members (independently of your parents).

If either party in any way participated in a prior marriage, a decree of nullity (Annulment) must be provided, demonstrating that the person is free to marry. Church Law is clear in this matter. No wedding date can be set until the annulment has been secured. Please keep in mind, an annulment is sometimes required, even if neither of the parties involved in the first marriage were not catholic. 

Sometimes a dispensation is required. (For example, if one of the parties has not been baptized, a dispensation is required.) 

The priest or deacon can explain this further.

Length of Preparation Period 

Engaged couples who will be married within the Diocese of San Diego, or who wish to complete their preparation for marriage in the diocese, should contact their local priest or deacon approximately nine to twelve months before their intended wedding date. The pastor of the parish may grant exceptions to this, but only for a serious reason. We recommend that couples start their marriage preparation process prior to setting a wedding date. 

Ideally, couples should complete the formal preparation process no less than two months before the wedding. 

Location of Marriage Preparation vis-à-vis the Wedding

It is a common practice for engaged couples to choose to get married outside of their home parish; for example at the parish they grew up attending, which may be in another state or country, or perhaps a particular destination that is popular with weddings. Regardless of where couples choose to get married, engaged couples should prepare for marriage at the parish where they actively attend and participate and where they will likely continue to attend after the wedding. Many young couples today actively attend a particular parish but never think of registering. If couples do not have a home parish, they should prepare for marriage at the parish where they are most likely to attend after their wedding. Marriage preparation then becomes an opportunity to help couples connect with a local parish and better appreciate the gift of parish community.  

For detailed guidelines on marriage formation in the Diocese of San Diego click here

Confirming the date of your wedding

Once the preliminary steps and information have been accomplished and collected, you may reserve your chosen wedding date on our calendar by paying the wedding fee which include full use of the church.

Wedding fee

Fees are ordinarily non-refundable; however, a wedding date can be rescheduled to an open date.

Not included in the fee paid to St. Pius X:

  • Marriage Preparation Fees
  • Stipend for the sacristan at the rehearsal and wedding with Mass
  • Stipend for the musician(s) and cantor with Mass
  • Stipend or Honorarium for the priest or deacon who will officiate at your wedding ceremony. It may be the case that the priest or deacon is offering his services as a gift because he is a friend. If this is not the case, it is proper etiquette to compensate these professionals for the time they spent helping you plan your wedding and officiating at the ceremony. It is recommended that the Best Man give the honorarium to the Presider at the rehearsal if the bride and groom have not done so previously.

St. Pius X reserves the right to cancel the wedding if the couple does not complete their marriage preparation and/or payoff the balance a month before the wedding date.

Wedding and rehearsal

1. No marriage file, no wedding ceremony. Please be advised that Canon Law is clear on this issue.

2. All who will take an active part in the wedding celebration must attend the rehearsal.

3. The wedding and rehearsal will start promptly.