Consolation Committee

Volunteers reach out to their fellow parishioners with consolation at times of crisis/loss and with bereavement at times of death. Especially at these times, the parish family surrounds us with love and support.

We are ready to assist you in your time of sorrow. Our parish has an active Consolation Committee whose members can help you plan the funeral arrangements for your loved one. Please call our office at: 619-420-9193.


“Parents are the first educators of their children.” To assist with their continual education, religious education classes, high school confirmation classes, youth groups play an important role in this process. Our Catholic school (Grades 1-8) educates the entire child in Christian formation. Unbaptized children and adults, and adults of other faiths gather in the Rite of Christian Initiation (RCIA) to investigate and discern for their own lives. Adults who are active Catholics but have not been confirmed may receive adult Confirmation. All of these ministries need your assistance or leadership as volunteers.


Parishioners with different skills and experience gather to plan the regular and special liturgies of the liturgical year. Parishioners become involved as Lectors, Musicians, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion and Ministers of Hospitality.

Marriage and Family Life

Volunteers assist parishioners who are contemplating receiving the Sacrament of Matrimony. Volunteers are also needed to assist parishioners with parenting and leadership skills to build Christian families in their ordinary daily life.


Parishioners join together to provide faith-sharing and outreach through an appreciation of a shared culture. The Filipino American group as well as the Hispanic Community group gather for prayer and service. All are welcome in any of these groups.

Parish Activities and Events

Volunteers lead the annual parish events resulting in community building, socializing and support of the parish (i.e. annual parish picnic, auction, supper club, wine tasting, etc.). Many additional volunteers are also needed to help provide these times of fun for the wider-parish family.

Social Action and Charitable Outreach

It is here that we put into action as a parish family, the scriptures that we read. Reaching out to the needy is not something just for Christ, but which we His disciples also are involved in. Your participation is vital. Volunteers coordinate and organize outreach to those who are homeless at an Interfaith shelter, provide food to the hungry through food drives and baskets, provide health and pharmaceutical screening through the parish nurses, outreach to those caught in human trafficking.

Youth and Young Adults

Volunteers assist the youth in establishing their own identities and their own faith lives.



St. Pius X Church welcomes your participation in the life of the parish family. St. Paul reminds us that there are different hands, different eyes, different ears, all to be used for different types of service but only one body. We have different gifts but all of us are called to build up the Body of Christ. We welcome this plurality in unity to show the life of Christ in the world today.

The Pastoral Council of St. Pius X Church is active and strives to reflect the many ways that people reach out to others in service united in purpose to “Restore All Things in Christ."