The funeral liturgy in a church setting is a final opportunity to commend the deceased to God’s mercy, and to reflect on how the person’s life mirrored the love and teachings of Jesus Christ, who promises that one day, the Christian will rise again and live with him in the New Jerusalem. Forever.
When a death in the family occurs, please call the mortuary. Let the mortuary know that you would like a Catholic funeral and they will take it from there including coordinating with the church for the funeral liturgy.

To prepare before a death, it is recommended to fill out a Funeral Liturgy Planning Sheet and keep it with their Trust & Will. When the time comes, planning will be easier for the family.

The Parish of St. Pius X also has a Consolation Committee that serves our community. It is important for the family to know of and feel our love and support during this difficult time.


Funeral Liturgy Planning Sheet