Family Page

Welcome to the Family Page. We hope you find it useful for your domestic church, for planning family activities and learning more about our Catholic faith. Please make note of upcoming formation events taking place at the parish. 

Several events are scheduled throughout the year for family opportunities for spiritual growth as well as to build friendships and community for all in our parish. These events are sponsored by the various ministries within the parish community.  Mark your calendars and join. 

Of course the best place to start at getting involved in parish life, is getting your family involved in the Mass. 

Involving your Family at Mass

Mass is not entertainment - it is better.

  • It is a community coming together in shared prayer - people with a common faith and an expression of that faith.
  • Sometimes we attend, not just for ourselves, but for others. Someone next to us may be struggling and really need our handshake and good wishes during mass.
  • It is an opportunity to receive the Eucharist - Jesus, the spiritual food we need to be strong in our faith.
  • It provides opportunities for contemplation and meditation - in our busy world children and adults alike need to learn how to relax and contemplate. 
  • We get more out of Mass (and anything else) if we put effort and thought into it. We can do this by participating in prayers, watching the movements of the clergy and lay people, singing, and being aware of those around us.
  • If we make time for church, it must be important - this silent message we give to our children will be remembered in their adult life.

Parents who want to raise children who participate in mass work hard to make the liturgy meaningful.

  • They talk about the Mass with their children before they go.
  • They whisper explanations during key parts of the liturgy.
  • They discuss the homily after Mass.
  • They teach their children the value of tithing and making a sacrificial gift.
  • They play their favorite church songs on their music players.
  • They search for the best suited service - a mass with Sunday Preschool, Children's Liturgy of the Word, attend the youth's Life Teen mass Sunday evening, etc.

Families involved in their church feel more of a connection than those whose participation is limited to simply attending.

Ways to become more involved could include:

  • Altar servers - children can train to be altar servers during 4th grade.
  • Hospitality Ministers - adults and children can greet parishioners, hand out worship aids and bulletins, and help with the collection.
  • Eucharistic Ministers - adults and confirmed high school teens can train to distribute Holy Communion.
  • Lectors - If reading out loud is your strength, consider this ministry.
  • Children's Liturgy of the Word - adults and teens are encouraged to assist the children relate to the readings in a separate Liturgy of the Word.
  • Choir - there are several choirs and opportunities for cantoring - children, teens, and adults - as well as playing handbells or other instruments.
  • Sign up your family to take up the gifts during Mass or to take home the Traveling Chalice and prayer for vocations.
  • Holy Grounds - if you are good with hospitality, coffee, and smiling join the Youth Ministry and assist before or after Mass welcoming families.

For more stewardship opportunities to share of your time and talents, please stop by the Welcome Center.