Children Faith Formation

For 1st through 5th graders

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School of Religion Grades 1-5 Enrollment

Program Overview

All students enrolled in our Children’s Faith Formation program will participate in remote learning with “My Catholic Faith Delivered” which utilizes the Faith and Life series. Each student will be assigned a class and a catechist who will be in touch with students on a regular basis and available for questions and explanations of the principles of catechesis presented in the program.

WE ARE IN NEED OF VOLUNTEERS to serve as catechists and catechist aides. There has been inquiry regarding in person classes. To do this, we need at least two adults per class. 

We look forward to supporting all of the children, parents, and guardians during this very unique time and will keep you in our prayers. If you have any questions please email us at [email protected].



  • Certificate of Baptism. The child's baptismal certificate must be presented at the time of registration. If your child has not yet been baptized, please see the information under Baptism. 
  • Transcripts. Students transferring from other catechetical programs should bring a transcript from that program. If registered at another church, please provide permission from your pastor to atttend our program. 


For more information, you may contact the School of Religion at:

(619) 420-9193



Education for children with special needs is a priority at St. Pius X.
We offer faith formation and sacremental preparation for children with special needs.


Online progress will be monitored by Fr. Jay with catechist support. 


Two consecutive years of religious instruction in our program are the minimum required to prepare a student to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Communion. The requirements for a child to be recommended to receive the Sacrament of the First Holy Communion at St. Pius X Church are as follows:

  • Regular attendance and successful completion of school of religion classes
  • Regular Mass attendance (every Sunday and Holy Days of Obligation)
  • Mandatory parent meetings
  • Readiness of the child, as determined by staff and parents, is of prime importance. 

For more information, visit the Sacraments page on Holy Communion.


In order to protect the rights of all children, it is important that parents and students understand the consequences of misbehavior. The long-range goal of achieving self-discipline gives direction and purpose to short-term consequences. We want parents to know that school rules are designed to protect all children and that students who choose to break rules are treated firmly, but kindly and appropriately. 
Students are expected to be accountable for their actions. Unruly behavior will not be accepted nor tolerated. All disruptive behavior is routinely handled on the spot.