Annual Catholic Appeal

     Each year we are invited to participate in our Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA), which is an opportunity for all of us to support essential ministries and services which benefit many in our Local Church. These past two years have been a time of deep hardship and struggle, yet we stand today with a profound sense of hope that we will be delivered from the darkness of the pandemic.  

     As we begin a new year, the theme of this year’s ACA, “Living Our Mission”, calls to mind a need for renewed commitment to live out our baptismal promises as active collaborators in the Mission of the Church. Your contribution to the ACA supports many programs and ministries that result in important direct benefits to our parish and needed assistance to people around us — necessary work as we move out of the pandemic towards a reenergized and renewed Church. The enclosed brochure describes these programs and ministries and how the funds are designated:

  • Formation and Care of our Priests who dedicate their lives to God through service and love of all our brothers and sisters in Christ. The ACA provides support for seminary formation programs and also funds continuing education and pastoral care for active and retired priests and deacons. I myself obtained a Masters in Ecclesial Administration and Management (MEAM) online through the University of St. Thomas in Houston last year, that I may better serve as your pastor.
  • Catholic Schools and Faith Formation Programs, which bring hope and faith to our young people. Here at St. Pius X, we give thanks to God for a flourishing Parish School. 
  • Office of Marriage, Family Life, and Spirituality, in its focus on strengthening the family.
  • Catholic Charities, to continue serving our neediest brothers and sisters who have suffered most from the social and economic devastation of the past years, including partnering with us in establishing our Parish Food Pantry to serve our local community.

     Our parish share of this Diocesan Appeal is once again $45,000. I am confident that we can reach this goal. Last year we collected $22,752.50 over our assessment, which will go towards our shade sail project in the Plaza that I hope will be completed this year.

     Please prayerfully consider your response as a faithful steward of the gifts which God has joyfully bestowed on you, and help us reach our goal of 100% participation based on the ideal of equal sacrifice. Please join the 145 families who pledged last year: 7.44% of the 1948 registered members of our parish. Your participation, regardless of the amount, makes a difference. 


“Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house.

Put me to the test, says the LORD of hosts, and see if I do not open the floodgates of heaven for you,

and pour down upon you blessing without measure!” - Malachi 3:10


In Christ, through Mary,

Fr. Jay Bananal
Pastor of St. Pius X

Each year, our Annual Catholic Appeal provides each of us with an opportunity to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to build the Kingdom of God in San Diego and Imperial Valley counties. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, our dedicated bishops, priests, deacons, religious men and women and lay faithful unite in the communion of serving our Lord through acts of grace, mercy, charity and love, and works of care and compassion with your generous financial help.

Note: For your convenience, you can create a secure account with the Diocese of San Diego, which makes it easier to make online donations or view your giving history. Click here to create an account or to log in to your account if you’ve already created one.

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We invite you to mail your check to the parish with your pledge card or go directly online to make your pledge or donation to the diocesan website at:

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