A Quinceanera is not a Catholic sacrament; however, it is a significant cultural ritual that solidifies the girl's commitment to her faith as she is presented before God and renews her baptismal promises.


a. The fifteen year old or quinceañera should have already received the Sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation and First Communion. If she has not received these Sacraments, she should register with sufficient anticipation (i.e 2 years) to be able to enroll in an adapted Sacramental preparation program.

Note: Quinceañera celebrations will not be scheduled before the fifteen year old is enrolled in such program.

b. The fifteen year old, including her parents and companions, are encouraged and invited to participate in the parish’s Campus Youth Ministry programs and events.

c. The fifteen year old is to attend a Saturday quinceañera retreat with the Sisters Servants of the Blessed Sacrament at their convent in Bonita.


1. Quinceañera celebrations for an individual takes place within a Mass only if the Mass is a regulary scheduled weekday or Sunday parish liturgy; otherwise, it takes place within a Liturgy of the Word.

a. Liturgical norms are to be respected, in particular during Advent and Lent.

b. Appropriate reverence and dress attire for the celebration is expected of the quinceañera, her family and friends.

Note: Attendance at a rehearsal prior to the celebration is required.

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